Advanced AI technology creates a unique character based on your interactions, making it truly personalized.

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Doly feels, responds and develops a unique character thanks to his advanced AI technology. Beginning from day one, you will be molding his individual personality and mood. This feature is shaped based on the way you treat and interact with your Doly. As a result, his responses, expressions, movements and eye animations will be altered with different emotions. Doly is an independent spirit without an app or device. However, if you are curious how he feels, you can always check it on the Doly app!


Doly hears, understands your commands and requests easily. To activate the voice control, simply say “Hey Doly” and tell him what to do! NLU speech recognition system allows you to manage your daily tasks like setting a timer or getting the weather forecast. You can even move Doly around or change eye and led colors without an app!


With those huge lovely eyes, Doly is always curious and impressed of his surroundings. 8 MP camera allows Doly to memorize and recognize people with their names, take high quality snapshots and find his belongings, backpack and home. 


Doly is equipped with different types of sensors. That’s why feeling is one of the most significant features of Doly. Thanks to his motion sensors, Doly feels movements like sliding, falling, turning or even when you nudge to disturb him. Also, the touch sensors allow Doly to feel when you pet him. Although, it is quite fun and addictive to drive him crazy, Doly is designed to love and be loved!


Doly has a lot to say! Doly communicates and responds you back with his own voice when you ask about the weather, time, your name and many more. If you would like Doly to say your own words, just type it on the Doly app and text to speech engine technology will do the rest!


Doly is designed to be a self-acting personality with natural behaviours. Based on the changing mood, Doly keeps himself busy by discovering and wandering around without falling off edges of the table. And when it is time, you don’t need to remember charging your Doly because he knows the way back home.