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"Elevate your Doly experience with custom add-ons"

Add-on support


With Doly, the possibilities are truly limitless. Our revolutionary friend empowers you to bring your imagination to life. One of the remarkable features of Doly is its communication and IO ports, which provide you with an incredible opportunity to create custom add-on parts. You have the freedom to design and implement your own unique enhancements, tailoring Doly to suit your specific needs and preferences.

"Design custom animations with Doly's advanced features!"

Unleash Your Creativity!

Create captivating animations with 3D models. Instantly download and print ready-made models or design your own. Unleash your imagination and bring your animations to life with Doly’s innovative features. From cute companions to functional attachments, our community library offers a quick and convenient solution. Get ready to make your animations truly amazing and let your creativity shine with Doly!

Get creative with customized 3D printed accessories

"Doly's coding platform inspires innovation and creativity!"


Doly is your perfect companion for learning coding fundamentals and developing STEM skills. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced programmer, our platform makes coding enjoyable with Blockly. For advanced programming options, Doly supports languages like C, C++, and Python. Explore the world of coding with Doly and unlock your full programming potential.

A fun way of learning

Learning how to code and create animations will be an interesting and entertaining experience for everyone! Other than just creating fun and unique animations, you can load and redesign the installed templates or save your own projects. When it comes to imagining, your limit is the sky!

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