Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Doly goes back to his charging station when he needs.

Yes, Doly’s embedded deep neural network (DNN) helps him to recognize you.

Yes, he can recognize defined tags and markers.

Yes, Doly is able to use simple words and sounds to express himself. Also you can use the Doly application interface to say whatever you want.

Doly can be active up to 5 hours after a full charge.Don’t worry, he is capable of charging himself when he needs.

No, Doly does NOT require a subscription fee.

No hidden fees with Doly. All updates and additional software related featuers will be free.

You do not need an additional device to interact with Doly. An embedded computer allows Doly to handle his tasks with this processing power. For additional features like remote control and coding, you need to use the Doly app.

Absolutely there is. All you need to do is tell him  “Hey Doly, go to sleep.” and will keep sleeping until you wake him up.

Doly needs a wifi connection with internet access to receive updates. It will automatically download the software if any update is available.
If Doly downloads an update, you will see an update button in “Settings” located on mobile app.
Pressing this button will update Doly’s software and it will restart automatically.

You don’t need to worry about the privacy issues. All AI features including voice recognition and face recognition are handled by Doly localy.
We don’t send any information to cloud servers.

Doly needs a USB power source to charge it (minimum DC Output = 5V/1A)
(optional) He needs a wifi connection to use moblie app features
(optional) He needs an internet connection to use weather forecast

Currently Doly only supports English. We are planing to add more languages.

All WIFI included variants are compatible.

CM4101000, CM4101008, CM4101016, CM4101032, CM4102000, CM4102008, CM4102016, CM4102032, CM4104000, CM4104008, CM4104016, CM4104032, CM4108000, CM4108008, CM4108016, CM4108032