Experience the Power of Advanced Technology


Doly is always on the go and you do not need to worry about charging him. Also, you will not need a device constantly to interact with Doly. A built-in computer with linux operating system is taking care of everything for you. Doly offers a hassle-free experience that makes it easy to incorporate into your daily routine.

Edge AI

Your privacy matters for us and Doly keeps your files secure with an internal storage. By processing AI algorithms locally your personal data will not be sent to a cloud. Doly has an embedded processing power that handles the AI operation on the edge. AI processing models are powered with Deep Neural Network (DNN).

Doly IO Ports

I/O Ports

Tiny body packed with a vast amount of technology.

Upgrade Your Doly with Raspberry Pi CM4 Variants

Doly, the companion robot powered by Raspberry Pi, is far from ordinary. In fact, it is a one-of-a-kind platform that provides an exceptional level of flexibility for upgrades. The hardware architecture of Doly is designed to facilitate customization, enabling users to adapt the robot to meet their specific requirements. The availability of multiple Raspberry Pi Compute Module variants offers developers the freedom to choose the most appropriate model, allowing for enhanced RAM and storage options. This, in turn, provides the capacity for the development of complex and robust programs.

The flexibility of Doly’s hardware design sets it apart from other robots in the market. Unlike other robots that come with limited hardware configurations, Doly provides the opportunity for developers to expand the robot’s capabilities. This makes Doly the perfect platform for developers who want to create innovative and unique applications.