Your Personal Assistant with Essential Utilities



Sometimes even 1 minute is crucial on our daily routine and, frankly, we often forget to be back on time. Let Doly help you! Simply set a timer for using the voice control feature or the app. Time to say goodbye to overcooked meals!


No matter what mother nature plans for the day, you will be ready for it! Doly will help you to access weather forecast by your location. This is the only feature that requires an internet connection.


Let Doly help you capture the moments worth remembering. Thanks to his built-in 5 MP high-resolution camera, you will take advantage of having a personal photographer by your side. Just ask him to take a snapshot and Doly will automatically save it in his gallery.


Weather you lose the track of time while interacting with Doly or you don’t want to be late to your meeting, Doly is there to tell you what time it is. You may simply ask him or use the app if preferred.